Dear Senators who voted No to the ‘Climate Change Accountability Bill C-311

Dear Senators who voted No to the ‘Climate Change Accountability Bill C-311:

I am sending this message to all of the senators who voted ‘No’ to the Climate Change Accountability Bill C-311 without so much as a debate on it and who kept it off the floor of the Senate for 193 days until such time as your party (Conservatives) saw that you had the numbers to defeat this bill without debate before the people of Canada.

I am a very disgusted senior upon learning of these shenanigans from the likes of what on the surface appears to be very well educated leading citizens of Canada.

Two things bother me and I see by the comments boards of internet media that many other Canadians are bothered as well.

The first is the complete disregard for the will of the Canadian people as expressed by our representatives in the House of Commons who passed this vote. You are unelected. How dare you dismiss the will of the people. You may say as Mr. Harper’s people have that Bill C-300 was impractical because it may have cost jobs but that is really absurd when you take a look at Europe and China who are forging ahead by creating the green technologies and jobs of the future while Canada will be left in the back draft of dirty ‘tar sands’ oil. What you did was to participate in a dirty political trick and is beneath the institution that you are serving.

And calling it a ‘coalition bill’ that didn’t deserve to pass as one of your colleagues said doesn’t wash. The coalition of opposition parties that actually passed Bill C-311 in the House actually represents a majority of Canadians!

My second point is about the need for Canada to join the rest of the world and start showing some leadership and care for people who are already suffering the dire effects of climate change – floods in Pakistan, and droughts in many other parts of the world. I have followed the Climate Change debate in Canada and the world for two decades and actually followed Climate Change legislation as it passed through the House of Commons, writing often to my M.P. and members of the House Committee that dealt with the legislation – in support of the legislation. Therefore what you and the government have done is an insult to Canadians like myself who accept the verdict of virtually all climate scientists that mankind and even life on Earth are in big trouble unless we take drastic and collective action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Without Bill C-311 Canada’s representatives to the Cancun Climate Conference have ‘nothing’.

I wrote the following comment to the CBC today:

I believe the day of this vote will live in infamy as will the names of the senators who voted down Bill C-311, as well as the name of Stephen Harper and the members of his government. They voted for a climate holocaust that will kill more people and animals than all the wars in history put together.

In the House he said he could never allow this bill to pass due to the thousands, maybe millions of jobs that would be lost. He must be incredibly ill informed.

European countries and China are making money off green products and green jobs, creating the energy technologies of the future – trapping the readily available energy in the form of wind and solar heat and solar produced electricity. Under Harper’s ‘non-leadership’ Canada is becoming a ‘tarsands backwater’.

If the killing of Bill C-311 were not so tragic to the increasing numbers of our brothers and sisters subsisting amid floods and droughts the situation would be laughable, as our country must be to people around the world. What an embarrassment we will be at the upcoming Cancun Climate talks.

I want to hear what you have to say to my points.

A disappointed Canadian,







About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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