“Our Blind Spot On Truck Side Guards’ NOW, Nov. 10-16

Dear Editor:

In this article about the cause of the untimely death of Jenna Morrison and her unborn child, Ben Spurr describes the negligence of the Province and the City of Toronto as they have failed to carry out the recommendations of a 1998 Coroner’s report to explore making (life-saving) side guards on trucks mandatory. Ryan Carriere and many others have died in the same way, making a legal right turn. At the end of his column he quotes side-guard advocate Jeannette Holman-Price’s advice that “citizens need to speak out against preventable deaths … What we need is public outrage.”

As a cyclist who has cycing family members including grandchildren, I am outraged that no action has been taken by any level of government to save the needless pain of losing a loved one and it has happened once again. I am sending a letter to my MPP, City Councillor and MP to demand that legislation be passed making truck side guards mandatory in Ontario, all of its towns and cities and across Canada.

If legislation for truck side guards is not created immediately then we are truly saying that the minimal cost to the transport business of adding side guards to all open wheeled trucks is more important than the lives of people who are doing the right thing for the environment and everyone’s health by cycling.

Of course separated bicycle lanes on all city roads are needed as well and Toronto City Council should act without delay to implement its long planned cycling infrastructure. Failure to do so constitutes a disrespect for the lives of its citizens and is a willful act of negligence that can be tested in court.


About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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