Jarvis Street Bicycle Lane Vote – Disappointed!

To Toronto Mayor and City Councillors:

A thank you to the 19 councillors who voted ‘Yes’ to keep the bike lanes on Jarvis Street, and ‘no thanks’ to the 23 who voted ‘No’.

Be assured that a vote to remove more bicycle lanes in Toronto will be taken internationally as a sign that Toronto is not a world class city, in a world where other major cities are going in exactly the opposite direction with ‘Complete Streets’ planning that includes cyclists and pedestrians as well as public transit and the automobile.
Know too that every commuting cyclist represents one less car on our congested roads and streets or one less seat, or more likely standing space on our crowded subways, streetcars and buses at morning and evening rush hours. With recent projections made by planners that all of the new and future Toronto condos will not have enough transit and roads to accommodate the population boom, removing cycling space from the downtown when it should be expanded, is just suicidal for Toronto. I am including in my assessment the very nice Sherbourne separated bike lanes, which I rode south on yesterday (the northbound are not yet completed).
I hope that the large number of cycling commuters who use Jarvis Street will continue to do so, by taking a full lane as they travel. However, this is far more dangerous for them. Who will be responsible for the injuries and deaths? Maybe the councillors who voted ‘No’.

About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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