Justin Bourque a Victim Too

Date: June 9, 2014 at 11:07:52 AM EDT
To: Letters Globe and Mail <letters@globeandmail.com>
Subject: Re: Justin Bourque a victim too

Dear Editor:

On page four of Monday’s G&M, you quote Justin Bourque’s father Victor, who describes that he and his wife Denise, had been concerned about their son and unsuccessfully sought help. “We even tried to get the police involved but they said they couldn’t do anything about it and their hands were tied. – It is sad. People are falling through the cracks and this is another one.”

Does this not represent a cry for help to our society which has become ‘leaner and meaner’ due to years of federal and provincial social program cuts? Three valuable lives and families might have been saved if police could have referred Justin to a Professional social worker or psychologist who might have  been able to pay positive attention to him. Justin’s age – 24, also places him in the highest unemployment demographic in Canada. Where was the employment program for him? A magnifying glass has also been placed on the life of Justin’s friend Kerry Fitzpatrick, the unemployed single father of four young boys. Will this father and his boys also fall through the cracks? Who is there to care for them?

I appeal to Prime Minister Harper and all Provincial Premiers to stop the unnecessary cuts to social programs in the name of lower taxes for the already wealthy. Stop spending money on super jails and useless military spending and instead divert these revenues to the real needs of Canadian people, like Justin and Kerry, his sons and all of our children.

Murray D. Lumley, Toronto


About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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