What does Prime Minister Harper mean by his use of “the Canadian family”?

What did Prime Minister Harper mean when he said that ‘Muslims who won’t adapt to the habits of what (he) called the “Canadian family” are not welcome.’ He was referring to the woman who won the right in court to wear a niqab to her citizenship swearing-in? Who does Mr. Harper include and exclude from the “Canadian family”?

My wife and I had the chance to visit Dachau Nazi concentration camp outside Munich last year. Dachau was the very first of the Nazi camps and was a model for all the others throughout Europe where opponents of Nazism and so-called ‘undesirables’ were worked and starved to death and many times just executed outright. Dachau is now a museum with many photos and names of inmates and guards.

One of the displays pointed out that among the first humiliations of new entrants (while standing naked), was to be told that they were no longer members of “the community of the people”. These outcasts from the “community of the people” were Catholic priests, nuns, protestant ministers, former Reichstag opposition members, communist party members, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, ne’er do wells, mentally deficient people, actually anyone who did not fit the mould of the “community of the people” as determined by the Nazi leadership.

I memorized that term and it returned to my mind as I read the words “Canadian family” as used by the Prime Minister. I do not think the Prime  Minister is a Nazi or a Fascist, but I do agree with Public Safety Minister Blaney that “the Holocaust began with  words.”

The words “Canadian family” should never be used to exclude anyone residing in Canada.

About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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