My Response to CBC The Current Interview of Ossie Michelin of Muskrat Falls Protest of a Mega-Dam, October 25/16

Thank you for the interview of Ossie Michelin who spoke so eloquently and passionately for his people in Labrador and perhaps all people as he and his fellow Labradorians oppose the part of this Muskrat Falls mega-project (not clearing the vegetation and poisoned soil) that will poison his people as he says – ‘for money’. I completely support his arguments and given that Prime minister Trudeau has promised to consult with Indigenous people over projects like this before going ahead into the unknown. I agree with Ossie and his friends that more research does need to be done and that the project should be put on hold until the research is done. This project is just another example of Canadian European descendants doing projects like this or like mining all over the underdeveloped world (El Salvador, Honduras, Argentina, New Guinea). My wife and I just completed a 6 week trip to Australia and New Zealand and we have seen the same colonial pattern there – an original disrespect for Indigenous wisdom even though Aboriginal people in Australia lived there successfully for perhaps 50 thousand years, with tremendous knowledge of the plant and animal resources that allowed them to live. In the same way we settlers have been disrespectful to the original inhabitants of Turtle Island, pushing them aside and killing many. This Muskrat Falls project is another example of creating a ‘sacrifice zone’ a term perhaps coined by American journalist Chris Hedges in his book about the sacrifice zones in the U.S. The Indigenous people of Labrador and their settler supporters are too smart to allow this heavily financed mega-project to place them in a long term ‘sacrifice zone’ without a great struggle. I support them 100%.

About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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