Re: Why is Car2Go allowed to park overnight on my street? Beach Metro News, Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Dear Editor:

My response to this question is that Car2Go should be allowed to park on our streets overnight because they are providing a valuable service – reducing parking and road gridlock.

I believe that Toronto City Council should allow Car2Go to purchase parking permits for our streets.

My reasoning is as follows: Upon us moving to Toronto and living in the East End for the past thirteen years, my son’s family and my wife and I have shared one car between us, mostly for out of town trips. When we both needed a car, one of us rented from a car rental company that is within walking distance of both of us. We finally ended that arrangement in June, 2017 when the shared car became too expensive to repair. I immediately signed up with Car2Go – just using my iPad. We still obtain full day rental cars from the company we have always used. I read many years ago that every auto purchased, requires eight parking spaces – one at home, one at work, one at the mall, etc. Therefore, my son and I together have released up to 16 parking spaces. Car2Go’s literature says that each Car2Go vehicle represents 11 cars (people can use Car2Go as their second car). I’m not shilling for Car2Go but they represent one step away from Uber taxi service – Car2Go is a cheaper self-driving taxi. You can use your smartphone (or the older magnetic card) to open one and drive away. A map on your smartphone or iPad shows where they are parked in your neighbourhood.

A further step away in a few years will be ‘self-driving’ taxi service. It is hoped that these developments will discourage the purchase and use of many private autos on our streets and be a source of reduced road and parking gridlock, along with new TTC transit, separated bicycle lanes and safer sidewalks for walking.

Therefore, for these reasons I am in favour of Car2Go being allowed to park on our streets.


About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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