Death by Drowning or Poisoning:  The Terror of Muskrat Falls


Imagine that the federal government has invested over $9 billion in a project that will either poison you or drown you.

Imagine that you have not been properly consulted about, nor given free, prior and informed consent to, this project.

Imagine that the organization funding the project, Natural Resources Canada (aka Stolen Resources Canada) is ignoring the very clearly stated science showing how dangerous this project is.

Imagine that Indigenous ways of life that have existed since time immemorial are now threatened by this project because methylmercury poisoning threatens the food web on which they have always relied.

Imagine going to bed every night with a life jacket nearby in the event of catastrophic dam break: it is built on quick clay (sand that moves).

Imagine being told that a relationship with you is the single biggest priority of the federal government, and yet agreements you have signed with them are broken time and again. The most recent agreement to be broken was a promise to “mitigate” the effects of methylmercury poisoning by ensuring proper land clearance of a large reservoir area.

This is not a product of your imagination. This nightmare is real. 

At Muskrat Falls, scores of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people face serious jail time (and elders have already been jailed for weeks on end) for acts of land and water protection. Many suffer daily anxiety from living with the threat of instant death or death by poison. Two journalists covering the land protectors have been charged as well.

The terror of Muskrat Falls is magnified countless time across this land by megaprojects that treat Indigenous people and their lands as national sacrifice zones, collateral damage in the name of energy company profits. We are here to urge the federal government (and Colonialism Minister Carolyn Bennett) to reconsider this project, and to pull the $9.3 billion in loan guarantees propping up this dangerous and deadly project, and to Shut Muskrat Down.

Ontario-Muskrat Solidarity Committee,, (613) 267-3998

About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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