My Reply to Premier of Ontario Doug Ford


My comments on your comments:
1. Your so-called smaller government is just reducing the size of the group of people that you choose to serve. You have reduced promised increases to OW and ODSP and betrayed people who have been chosen to participate in a Basic Income pilot, cut off in the middle of a project that could have provided good data on how to best deal with an Ontario, Canada and world wide problem of income inequality – which causes so many problems of crime, health outcomes (reduction of mental health budget) and many more. Your small govt. concept means ‘people being left out’. This is not what you promised.
2. So following your logic of ‘too many politicians’, why don’t you reduce politicians to ‘One’?
A Star article pointed out how your brother Rob returned phone calls and visited people to solve their problems. He was a remarkable public servant! This is impossible with your plan.
3. Infrastructure crumbling and housing backlogs have occurred because of the previous Ontario Conservative and Liberal Federal govts. getting out of building affordable housing over many years. In fact Mike Harris downloaded these reponsibilities onto the municiplaities without providing the required funding. And Your cancellation of the funds needed to fix our broken school buildings makes no sense in view of what you said in your reply to me.
4. Your comments on Transit are hypocritical in the extreme. You and your Brother Rob when he was mayor and you were a city councillor, cancelled Transit City which if kept would have now been providing world class transit to the suburbs where it is most needed. You are responsible for the extra tax costs Ontarians and Torontonians must bear for at least a generation.
5. You are deliberately misleading people with your comment on Los Angeles. They and other cities such as London UK, have small upper level councills but also have boroughs or suburbs with mayors and councillors. Global News says this about L.A.: “But, there are districts in L.A. that have their own municipalities, for example Santa Monica has its own city council with 12 seats, and Beverly Hills has another with five seats.”
6. Your scheme to reduce city councillors and mess with a municipal election already underway will certainly not save $25 million. Here is what a Star article said about that:  the cost to the clerk “of having to set up a second election will eat up all the savings.” 
7. Perhaps your greatest crime against the people of Ontario was the cancelling of the cap and trade plan, already underway. These encompass not only large corporations but small businesses and individual families planning to do energy upgrades and as well as renewable energy projects cancelled. Peoples’ investments are wiped out and Quebec and California has shut Ontario out to protect their investors. This amounts to $billions and the coming lawsuits will dwarf any savings you can achieve by cutting off ‘the very people’ that you said you wanted to be elected to help. How can you not have a plan to reduce greenhouse gases whose presence in our atmosphere is causing heat waves around the world and extreme weather crises, droughts and forest fires including right here in Ontario. I want to see a plan to at least mitigate what I know is going to happen to my children and grandchildren, yours too!
8. Lastly, you and your party apparently think that democracy only happens once every four years when ballots are cast and that in between elections citizens must endure a dictatorship of a majority government. I and my fellow citizens do not see democracy in that narrow manner. We see democracy as an every day consultation between we as citizens and our elected representatives. 
Please consider my request for you to consult the citizens of Ontario before taking dictatorial actions such as the major changes in Bill 5, particularly in the middle of the municipal election. You may not get away with this anyway. Canada’s constitution while giving powers over municipalities to the Provinces, has also provided some relief in recent years in the form of the City of Toronto Act and other measures. I refer you to the article by former MP Craig Scott. You may find it enlightening and cause you to pause before implementing Bill 5. 
I look forward to other communications with you,
Ward 35, Toronto

On Aug 3, 2018, at 11:37 AM, Doug Ford <> wrote:

Thanks for your email about reducing the size and cost of municipal governments. I appreciate hearing your views. 
I promised we would get Ontario back on track and ran on a commitment to restore accountability and trust. As part of that commitment, I promised to reduce the size and cost of government.

People tell me that we have too many politicians, making it harder to get things done and get things built. This is particularly true at the municipal level. That’s why we will introduce legislation that, if passed will, dramatically improve the decision-making process at Toronto City Hall. 
For too long the people of Toronto have watched city council fail to act on the critical issues facing the city. And, as a result, infrastructure crumbles, housing backlogs grow and transit isn’t built. We will streamline Toronto city council by aligning it with federal and provincial boundaries. To put things into perspective, the City of Los Angeles, with almost four million people, has 15 city councillors. 
This meaningful change will dramatically improve the decision-making process at Toronto City Hall. It will make it easier to get things done. Our estimates show that having fewer politicians at City Hall will save Toronto taxpayers $25 million. 
And, most important of all, one thing every politician at every level, in every region, needs to remember is that we all share the same boss, we all work for the people. 
Thanks again for contacting me. 

Doug Ford 
Premier of Ontario 

Please note that this email account is not monitored. For further inquiries, kindly direct your online message through

This email contains information intended only for the use of the individual named above. If you have received this email in error, we would appreciate it if you could advise us through the Premier’s website at <> and destroy all copies of this message. Thank you.

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Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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