My Message to Premier Doug Ford

I sent this message to Premier Doug Ford this evening, Saturday August 18, 2018 at
Premier Ford said in a letter to Toronto Mayor Tory today, Saturday, August 18:
“The fact that the special meeting you have called will focus on saving the jobs of politicians, instead of addressing options to deliver more resources to the fight against guns and gangs is telling.”
I plan to be at the City Council meeting on Monday August 20 to support my hardworking City Councillors as they debate how they will defend Toronto Citizens’ democracy in the face of your unilateral, arbitrary and abusive (to us as citizens and to citizen candidates who have made plans and fund raised in order to serve the people in their wards) actions in passing Bill 5 – reducing City wards from a citizen agreed on plan of 47 wards to 25.
Also I don’t agree that this special Council meeting should be used to discuss giving more money to the police. I believe the solution is for your government to plan to invest more into economically marginal communities in Toronto, with more affordable housing, education and training and job creation so that the youth of those communities do not have to rely on the very dangerous drug trade which does involve belonging to gangs and using guns.
I know that my City Councillor works 18 hour days on my and all my ward neighbours’ behalf.
Would you please explain to me why you, with Bill 5, plan to reduce my democratic access to the closest government to me – my municipal government that I can go and speak to in phone calls, email, visits and deputations to committees? I cannot do that in any of the upper levels of government.
Would you also explain to me why you are reducing only Toronto residents’ democratic access, with as many as 110,000 voters per City Councillor in Toronto while Ottawa, Hamilton, London and other municipalities have perhaps 30,000 voters per City Councillor?

About Murray Lumley

Board member of Conscience Canada; Christian Peacemaker Teams Reservist; retired teacher; grandfather
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